Why Panel Air Conditioner ?

The Panel Air Cond integrates aesthetically into assembly and aims at maintaining stability and control of temperature and also offers protection against humidity and dust. This product is highly recommended also for protecting your sensitive electronic gadgets without any unnecessary interruption. This product features two air circuits that are independent that guarantees streamlined air flow. The internal circuit in the Panel Air Cond boosts circulation of cool air in the panel while the external circuit in the panel dissipates heat extracted in the equipment to the atmosphere.

The best thing about Panel Air Cond is that it features special models that can be used for expelling condenser hot air in the panel to other locations. The cooling circuit features sealed compressors, associated refrigeration equipment and metering device. The temperature control unit includes a microprocessor controller programmed via alphanumeric display and malfunction keys and features easy man/ machine interfaces guaranteeing accessibility and usage. The digital display of set and actual temperature values makes it easier to control temperature. The programmed values and parameters are stored in a non volatile memory with an adjustable delay of time between the starts which warrants minimum time for compressor start ups and temperature equilibrium.

There are many reasons why you should consider getting Panel Air Conditioner. Any temperature increase regardless of how minimal it might be can be seriously affect the lifespan and durability of electronic components. Dust and oil also affects bad connection and short circuit. The standard features of a Panel Air Cond include a rotary mini compressor motor, the CFC free refrigerant, mount externally, heavy duty steel case, hi speed axial fan motor, low temperature digital controller and a few mote. Panel Air Cond is not suitable for installation at soil, acid and chemical areas as well as temperatures above 60C.